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Wheel Alignments

Extend tire life, improve fuel economy, increase safety

About our Commercial Vehicles Wheel Alignments Services

Wheel alignments service in Elkhart County, IN - TWR

TWR utilizes state-of-the-art Hunter equipment to ensure that your vehicles are aligned perfectly.

  • Wheel Alignment Checks
  • Thrust Angle Wheel Alignments
  • Four Wheel Alignment

Time on the road will offset a vehicle’s wheel alignment.

Alignment means the way a vehicle’s suspension adjusts how the tires connect with the road. When the angle is askew, even slightly, it can cause problems like veering to one side of the road, or increase tread wear on tires.

Wheel Alignments

From our modern facility located in Elkhart County, TWR provides wheel alignments for the dealers of vehicle manufacturers throughout Indiana & Michigan.

Vehicle Wheel Alignments for Buses, Rvs, Trucks & Specialty Vehicles

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transport services

Drive Away

Our extensive and experienced team of drivers assures that your equipment is delivered in a timely and safe manner.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Our technicians will go through your vehicle thoroughly to ensure it is ready to deliver to the end user. We will undertake any required warranty repairs and file the claims directly with the manufacturer so it is transparent to you.